• 08-MAY-2016

Wynn hosts Pre-opening Team Appreciation Day

Referrals from team members were welcome as Wynn extends local family 
Macau, May 8, 2016 – Wynn Palace hosted a Pre-opening Team Appreciation Day at the Convention and Exhibition Center at Macau Fisherman's Wharf today. The event was designed to show the company's gratitude for the over 3,000 team members, including those who are awaiting to commence duties, along with their families and friends for the support they provided. More importantly, the event was to continue the company's dedication to hiring local talents and expanding the Wynn family. To that end, the event included onsite interviews to local talents referred by team members, as well as other activities, designed to allow invitees to enjoy Wynn's renowned culture of service excellence.
The Appreciation Day provided an opportunity to support worthy causes as well. As such, there was a booth hosted by the Wynn Employee Volunteer team, an initiative with more than six years of existence that dedicates itself to caring for the community, so that new members could join. Wynn also joined hands with the Richmond Fellowship of Macau, an association that has been tirelessly undertaking pioneer work among the mentally challenged community in the city. Creative handmade goods were on sale at the Fellowship booth, with all proceeds going to the charity.
The event - tailored to coincide with Mother's Day - enabled families to join together in a spirit of joie de vivre enjoyed by all. To continue Wynn's commitment in hiring locals as a priority, a referral program followed by on-the-spot interviews was a central element of the day. Each team member was given the opportunity to present local candidates for the more than 50 position categories on offer in departments such as F&B, Facilities, Hotel Operations, Security and among others. This gave team members the opportunity to introduce new talents to the company and contribute to enlarging the Wynn family. Candidates who successfully passed interviews were offered positions right away at the event, team members who referred the successful candidates would be rewarded with a bonus.
The atmosphere of celebration brought together friends and loved ones, affording all participants a relaxing afternoon to enhance the bond between teammates, and the connection with a supportive community, offering a rewarding experience ahead of the successful opening of Wynn Palace.