• 22-APR-2016

Wynn volunteers help create a sense of belonging in new community

Macau, April 22, 2016 – Wynn Macau has always been committed to giving back to the local community by actively participating in different charitable and volunteering activities. This time, the Wynn Employee Volunteer team (WE volunteer) collaborated with the Lok In Elderly Service Centre, a subsidiary of the Women's General Association of Macau, by inviting nearly 120 seniors from the Seac Pai Van district to visit the Communications Museum and prepared a series of fun and educational activities in the afternoon.

The group of 120 men and women enjoyed the outing in a rare chance to socialize and visit the city. The elderly also had a unique opportunity to learn more about current events by visiting the Communications Museum, a visit that also allowed them to reminisce. "They were happy to see the old-fashioned phones. As if they had travelled back to the old times. It was very meaningful to have spent such a joyful day with them", said Ms. Yeung, a recent WE member.

Always guided by the diligent WE Volunteer Team that included more than 40 members, the group went to Wynn Macau to enjoy the show at the Performance Lake. Following the enticing spectacle, a delicious lunch was served at the Ballroom of the hotel. The WE volunteer also prepared a series of interactive and educational games in what was a moment of genuine exchange of experiences.

Young and dedicated Supervisor of the Lok In center, Mr. Si Tou, stated that he is very pleased about the collaboration. He explained the elderly have few chances to go out and enjoy the city. Thanks to initiatives such as these, the seniors are now more stimulated both mentally and physically. He added, "Seac Pai Van is a relatively new community in Macau. To revitalize this new community, it is imperative to create a friendly living environment."

Wynn vows to continue supporting different charitable activities in the city and strive to better people's livelihood, always committed to improving its community support efforts. This is made the possible only with the great support and dedication of its WE Volunteer Team.