• 01-FEB-2019

Café Encore

Café Encore presents a distinguished menu of fresh and delicious Chinese dishes. The enticing Chinese cuisine includes fresh seafood, delicious rice and noodle dishes, and specialties from the wok, as well as savory dim sum and delectable desserts. As an exciting contrast to the Asian cuisine, Café Encore's European design is a twist on a classic Parisian café, which draws deeply on Italian art influences.
Beyond its delicious dishes, Café Encore is a feast for the eyes. Guests who dine in Café Encore are treated to a magnificent painting inspired by Venetian artist Paolo Caliari, whose famous paintings of feasts are among the most important in European art history and one of which hangs opposite the Mona Lisa at the Louvre. The tapestry at Café Encore is a magnificent banquet scene from the late 16th century showing Venetian grandees of the renaissance, beautifully dressed ladies loaded with jewels, bishops, priests and gods dining on the most spectacular food, all dressed as they would be in the late 16th century.
The art in Café Encore continues with an Italian putto, a late 17th century Venetian cherub. A mirrored sun over the putto gives a complete view of this rare antiquity. At the end of Café Encore, a silhouette of a 5th century Greek vase is filled with fruit, grapes and leaves, inspired by the Caravaggio painting, "Supper at Emmaus," currently in the National Gallery in London.
Signature dishes include:
  • Coriander sautéed clams
  • Salted codfish a Braz
  • Pan-fried Macanese King prawns
  • Macanese curry crab