• 01-FEB-2019

Café Encore

Café Encore at Wynn Macau offers authentic Macanese cuisine as well as local delights to life with bountiful delights. Guests may enjoy an array of mouthwatering local flavors of Macanese cuisine in casually elegant surrounds, showcasing Macau's East-meets-West culinary culture with a vibrant blend of flavors.

With a shared dedication to reviving forgotten recipes, Café Encore has collaborated with famous local celebrity chef Raymond Vong to serve guests with a range of unique Macanese dishes. Macanese cuisine reflects the city's colorful marine history, blending in spices, ingredients and culinary artistry from Portugal, China, Africa, India and Southeast Asia throughout its more than 450 years of development. It was also recognized as the world's first authentic fusion food, serving as an important icon of the city's diversified culinary culture. In 2018, UNESCO designated Macau as a Creative City of Gastronomy while in 2021 Macanese Gastronomy was inscribed on the Representative List of National Intangible Cultural Heritage. Café Encore blends classics and innovation to preserve the culinary arts and unique flavors of a city full of delicious treasures.

The Café Encore restaurant interior, which draws deeply on European art influences and manifests the East-meets-West concept. In this unique setting, guests can savour the delicious flavors of Macanese cuisine with classic dishes such as Macanese minchi, African chicken and Bacalhau fritters, as well as a variety of popular local delights. Setting in a relaxed environment, guests can spoil themselves with unique flavors of Macanese cuisine and local delicacies.

The art in Café Encore continues with an Italian putto, a late 16th century Venetian cherub. A mirrored sun over the putto gives a complete view of this rare art piece. At the end of Café Encore, a silhouette of a 5th century Greek vase is filled with fruit, grapes and leaves, inspired by the Caravaggio painting, "Supper at Emmaus," currently at the National Gallery in London.