• 01-FEB-2019

Golden Flower

Golden Flower

Celebrating the rich heritage of Chinese imperial cuisine with a contemporary touch

Golden Flower at Wynn Macau recreates the timeless flavors of imperial cuisine in an elegant and contemporary setting. Each one of these imperial dishes, steeped in history and rich in cultural heritage, beautifully complement the ambience of Golden Flower. Honored with numerous accolades for offering an unparalleled dining experience, Golden Flower ranks as a Forbes Five Star Restaurant by the prestigious Forbes Travel Guide for eleven consecutive years and is listed on the Asia's 50 Best Restaurants 51-100 list.

At the helm of Golden Flower is Executive Chef Henry Zhang – one of the hottest up and coming young chefs in the world of culinary. A true perfectionist, ingenuity is at the heart of every dish he creates. Behind all of the love that he pours into the preparation of each dish, is passion and persistence. Chef Zhang is a master at unleashing the potential of original ingredients, using innovative ways to unearth a myriad of flavors for guests to discover.

Pure, yet rich in flavor and multi-dimensional, each one of the dishes at Golden Flower resembles a masterfully crafted work of art. Well-versed in both ancient and modern cooking techniques, Chef Zhang presents the very best of timeless imperial dishes while molding a novel contemporary gastronomic perspective. Chef Zhang is also pleased to introduce his own degustation menu that is designed to leave lasting memories of one's dining experience at Golden Flower and tells a story from the Prelude to the Welcome Tea, Caviar, Beginning, Heritage, Abundance, Soup, Umami, Seasonal Vegetables, Bloom and the Finale. Throughout one's culinary journey at Golden Flower, each guest will discover Chef Zhang's classic dishes of braised fish maw with superior chicken broth, crisp codfish with balsamic vinegar and more.

Since ancient times, the art of making tea has been intrinsically linked with Chinese cuisine. Golden Flower was the first in Macau to provide personalized tea pairing services. One of the country's most prominent regions is Sichuan, the birthplace of the tea tree and the world's tea culture. Sichuan is also where the earliest written records on tea tree planting can be traced back to the Mengding Mountain. Blessed with a beautiful mountain range, abundant rain, and a misty and wet climate, Sichuan nurtures a variety of tea trees. Golden Flower's team of professional tea artisans has thoughtfully selected more than 50 types of tea from all over China, including many tea varieties from the Sichuan mountains to pair with Sichuan dishes and regional delicacies. The tea artisans also cleverly craft their own special teas to complement the restaurant ambience and the four seasons. To echo the design of Golden Flower, which is themed around a flower garden, the tea artisans have created their own "Golden Flower Signature Tea" blend with fresh, floral aromas. And, in harmony with the season's climate, guests may select from top-quality teas that are most beneficial for their health.

Designed by Wynn Design and Development, Golden Flower is a venue that reflects the exquisite, intimate nature of Chinese cuisine and China's historic influence on the world, including a tea lounge and reception room that is inspired by a room from the home of British.