• 27-DEC-2017

The Art Collection at Wynn Macau

We have traveled the world, quite literally, to gather the exquisite antiques and artworks you will discover thought Wynn Macau. From respected antique dealers to the most- renowned auction houses around the globe, we have sought not only pieces that exhibit outstanding craft and artistry, but which in many cases also pay tribute to the best of China’s heritage.
From a sparkling 19th-centtury French chandelier to a treasured pair of cloisonné camels, from the Ming dynasty statue of Guan Yin to an oversized panel displaying the exceptional handcraft of Macanese silk embroidery, our collection showcases artistic talents that extend back through many centuries. In several cases, our desire in seeking out these special pieces was a simple one: to bring them home to China, to return these highly special artifacts to their homeland, so they can be viewed, appreciated, and respected by all who visit.