The “Celebrity Chef Pop-Up Kitchen at Wynn Macau” Kicks Off in November

  • 06-NOV-2023

The “Celebrity Chef Pop-Up Kitchen at Wynn Macau” Kicks Off in November

Celebrity chefs from around the world showcase their remarkable culinary art forms

Macau, November 6, 2023 — Wynn is launching “Celebrity Chef Pop-Up Kitchen at Wynn Macau” dining experiences starting in November. The new pop-up concept features celebrity chefs from renowned restaurants who will take guests on a gastronomic journey around the world while enjoying a spectacular view of the Wynn Macau Performance Lake shows. This month, Executive Chef Zhang Yuqiao of Nan Tang, Executive Chef Jason Mei of THE ODDS, Head Chef Zhang Jie of Guiyu and Chef-founder Jimmy Lim of JL Studio will be the first to present their culinary art forms at Wynn Macau. Wynn is hosting the new “Celebrity Chef Pop-Up Kitchen” dining events with the goal of sharing culinary cultures from across the globe and further solidifying Macau’s status as a UNESCO “Creative City of Gastronomy”.

Executive Chef Zhang Yuqiao of Nan Tang, Chengdu (Sichuan Cuisine)

Award-winning Executive Chef Zhang Yuqiao most recently received the Sichuan Cuisine Flavor Pioneering Award in 2022 while at the helm of Nan Tang, which has also been recognized by The MICHELIN Guide Chengdu for three consecutive years and shortlisted by the Black Pearl Restaurant Guide. While carefully preserving the traditions of Sichuan cuisine, Chef Zhang insists on combining good quality local ingredients with innovative cooking techniques. At Nan Tang, he carries on the legacy of Sichuan’s extraordinary culture. While in Macau, Chef Zhang will prepare several of Nan Tang’s exquisite signature dishes including the Moon Canopy, an out-of-this-world dish where Sichuan marinade is used to flavor the fish which is shaped like a crescent moon and features star-like leeks swirling in a crystal-clear broth. 

Executive Chef Jason Mei of THE ODDS, Beijing (French Cuisine)

Executive Chef Jason Mei has worked for many MICHELIN-starred establishments throughout his career, where he gained a deep appreciation for French cuisine. He became the youngest chef ever employed by Chicago’s three-MICHELIN-starred Grace and then joined Alinea (three stars), Acadia (two stars), and Temporis (one star). In 2022, Jason fulfilled a decade-long dream to take his culinary vision to Beijing and joined a new French restaurant – THE ODDS.  THE ODDS seamlessly blends the timeless techniques of classic French cuisine with the creative inspiration of Chef Jason. At Wynn Macau, Chef Jason will present several signature dishes from THE ODDS including the Southern smoked M9 waygu. The unconventional method of cooking and smoking the Wagyu for this dish imparts a distinctive sensory experience. This dish also embraces a symphony of spices and vegetables to balance the palate.

Head Chef Zhang Jie, Guiyu, Hangzhou (Zhejiang Cuisine)

Head Chef Zhang Jie, at the helm of Guiyu, recipient of one Diamond from the Black Pearl Restaurant Guide for six consecutive years and one MICHELIN star this year, insists on using local ingredients and preserving the authentic flavors of Zhejiang cuisine. Set within an osmanthus forest in Manlong Guiyu Park at the picturesque West Lake of Hangzhou, Guiyu is surrounded by the beauty of nature. The culinary philosophy of Guiyu is to “keep traditional tastes alive”, and Chef Zhang honors this tradition by using the time-honored cooking techniques of Zhejiang in the preparation of each dish. During his time in Macau, Chef Zhang will present a very special seasonal dish from Hangzhou – the West Lake Water Shield and Fish Maw Soup. In Autumn, water shield is in its prime and features a refreshing and distinctive taste. When paired with fish maw, the combination is simply heavenly.  

Chef-founder Jimmy Lim, JL Studio, Taichung (Singaporean Cuisine)

JL Studio is the brainchild of Chef Jimmy Lim. Set in the heart of Taichung, JL Studio is one of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants as well as the world’s only three MICHELIN-starred establishment dedicated to the art of Singaporean cuisine. Here, the essence of modern Singaporean cuisine comes to life, guided by Chef Jimmy’s profound reverence for seasonality, terroir, and the finest artisanal ingredients sourced from all corners of Taiwan. Through the unique lens of Chef Jimmy, the boundaries of Singaporean cuisine are pushed into uncharted and unexplored territories. While in Macau, Chef Jimmy will create several of his signature dishes including the Snake River Farm Black Label Wagyu Boneless Short Rib, Jicama, Achar.


“Celebrity Chef Pop-Up Kitchen at Wynn Macau” Event Calendar





Executive Chef Zhang Yuqiao

Nan Tang Restaurant

(New Sichuan Cuisine)

November 3 – 5

7:00 p.m.

Celebrity Chef Pop-Up Kitchen at Wynn Macau

MOP 1,588*

Executive Chef Jason Mei


(French Cuisine)

November 10 – 12

7:00 p.m.

Celebrity Chef Pop-Up Kitchen at Wynn Macau

MOP 1,588*

Head Chef Zhang Jie


(Zhejiang Cuisine)

November 17 – 18

7:00 p.m.

Celebrity Chef Pop-Up Kitchen at Wynn Macau

MOP 1,888*

Chef-founder Jimmy Lim


(Singaporean Cuisine)

November 23 – 26

7:00 p.m.

Celebrity Chef Pop-Up Kitchen at Wynn Macau

MOP 1,888*

Additional MOP500 with 10% service charge for wine pairing.

*Prices are subject to a 10% service charge and 5% government tax.

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