• 22-AUG-2018

'Wynn Guest Chef Series' Continues with World's Most Renowned Chefs and Mixologists

'Wynn Guest Chef Series' Continues with World's Most Renowned Chefs and Mixologists
Michelin-starred Chefs, the latest Asia's 50 Best Restaurant winners and  
award-winning Mixologists convene at Wynn Macau and Wynn Palace Cotai
Macao, August 20, 2018 – In continued support of UNESCO's designation of Macau as a "Creative City of Gastronomy" and in an effort to build stronger awareness around Macau's rich culinary heritage, Wynn is pleased to introduce the second 'Wynn Guest Chef Series' this year. Starting August 31, the world's most renowned chefs and mixologists are converging at Wynn Macau and Wynn Palace Cotai. Wynn has once again invited Michelin-starred chefs and recent winners from the 2018 Asia's 50 Best Restaurants Awards. A number of award-winning renowned chefs will collaborate with Wynn's leading chefs to present masterful culinary experiences. Wynn is also introducing an exciting new element to stir things up at this edition of Wynn Guest Chef Series, by inviting the region's most talented mixologists to show off their award-winning cocktail concoctions.
M.O.F. Luc Debove (France)
In 2010, Chef Pâtissier Luc Debove was awarded the World Champion of Ice Cream and in 2011, went on to receive France's highest honor – the Meilleur Ouvrier de France (M.O.F.). In the culinary world, the M.O.F. title is a prestigious honor because contestants must show absolute perfection in their work, and since he has proven he can do so, he no longer needs to compete. At Sweets in Wynn Palace, Chef Luc will be serving a range of ice cream and sorbet which will melt in one's mouth and taste just like eating fresh fruit.
Date: August 31 - September 1
Venue: Sweets, Wynn Palace
TAK (Sweden)
Chef Frida Ronge, founder and culinary leader of TAK restaurant in Stockholm, Sweden will present modern Scandinavian food culture with a touch of Japan at Mizumi at Wynn Macau.  Chef Frida was awarded "Rising Star of the Year" by White Guide in 2013 for her dynamic and innovative approach to cooking. As with Japanese cuisine, she uses only the freshest ingredients of the season and a variety of creative techniques to create her dishes.
Date: September 6-7
Venue: Mizumi, Wynn Macau
The Bridge (China)
Renowned for his perfection in the kitchen and innovative spin on Sichuan cuisine, Chef André Chiang has received two prestigious accolades this year alone – The Diners Club Lifetime Achievement Award from the 2018 Asia's 50 Best Restaurants Awards and The 15 Most Influential Chefs of the Next Decade by Elite Traveler.  As the Creative and Culinary Director at The Bridge in Chengdu, his next goal is to break conventional perceptions about Sichuan food and transform it into one of the world's leading cuisines. He and his team of talented chefs will reveal the extraordinary flavors of Sichuan cuisine in a remarkably creative way at Andrea's.
Date: September 21
Venue: Andrea's, Wynn Palace
Jackie Lo (Hong Kong)
Hong Kong mixologist Jackie Lo is the first Chinese bartender to be invited to perform at Moskovsky, one of Moscow's most famous bars, and she has won numerous awards from bartending competitions both at home and abroad. In September, Jackie will be on stage at il Teatro, where she will impress as she pours, shakes and stirs her cocktail creations.  
Date: September 27-28
Venue: il Teatro, Wynn Macau
Sushi Zen (Japan)
Chef Tsutomu Shimamiya, Master of Sushi for Mizumi of Wynn Macau and Wynn Palace will join Executive Chef Min Kim at Mizumi in Wynn Palace to present the most authentic of Japanese cuisine. Chef Shimamiya founded "Sushi Zen", a Michelin two-starred restaurant in Hokkaido back in 1971. He devoted his life to studying traditional sushi techniques and was awarded the national "Master Contemporary Craftsman" award for professional achievement. This award is usually only granted to scientists, and Chef Shimamiya is one of just two sushi chefs to have ever received this honor.  
Date: October 18-19
Venue: Mizumi, Wynn Palace
The House Restaurant, Greenhouse Restaurant and Chapter One Restaurant (Ireland)
A trio of Ireland's leading Michelin-starred chefs – Chef Kwanghi Chan of The House Restaurant, Chef Mickael Viljanen of Greenhouse Restaurant and Head Pastry Chef Darren Hogarty of Chapter One Restaurant – will soon be at Wynn Macau's il Teatro restaurant to showcase the best flavors of Ireland. "We are three chefs with very different backgrounds, but we are united by the same passion and commitment for exceptional Irish ingredients," says Chef Kwanghi Chan, who has brought this team together, and aims to take guests on a journey through Ireland's landscape and produce.
Date: October 25-26
Venue: il Teatro, Wynn Macau
Sühring (Thailand)
Twin German brothers, Chef Mathias Sühring and Chef Thomas Sühring are the founders of Sühring in Bangkok, a one-starred Michelin restaurant and recently listed No 4 in the 2018 Asia's 50 Best Restaurants Awards. Sühring showcases the best of modern German fare inspired by childhood memories, family recipes and years of travelling experience combining the essence of traditional dishes with contemporary Central European influences. The energetic chef duo will share the very best of Germany at SW Steakhouse.
Date: November 1-2
Venue: SW Steakhouse, Wynn Palace
Ishigaki Yoshida (Japan)
Chef Junichi Yoshida, Master of Teppanyaki for Mizumi at Wynn Macau and Wynn Palace will present authentic Japanese teppanyaki at the Michelin two-starred Mizumi at Wynn. The Ishigaki Yoshida restaurant opened by Master Yoshida has received one Michelin star from the Michelin Guide Tokyo. He insists on using only the finest ingredients, and the name of his restaurant, "Ishigaki", refers to Ishigaki island, famed for its superb kuroge wagyu beef.
Date: November 22-23
Venue: Mizumi, Wynn Macau
Janes & Hooch (China)
For three consecutive years, Janes & Hooch has been recognized by the Asia's 50 Best Bars awards, and remains the only bar in Beijing to have received such an honor. On behalf of Janes & Hooch, award-winning mixologist Jamie He will introduce her new cocktail creations featuring the flavors of Macau and Beijing.  
Date: November 23-24
Venue: Wing Lei Bar, Wynn Palace
Lanting Thirteen Chefs (China)
Renowned Chef Lan Ming Lu from Lanting Thirteen Chefs restaurant in China's Sichuan province, will partner with Master Liu Guo Zhu of the Michelin two-starred Golden Flower restaurant at Wynn Macau to present authentic Sichuan cuisine. Lanting Thirteen Chefs restaurant has been one of the 50 most influential restaurants in China for five consecutive years. Chef Lan hopes to change people's perceptions about Sichuan food and "return to the authentic flavors of Sichuan cuisine" because it is not always spicy. In doing so, he combines the flavors of Sichuan with ingredients from all around the world to create uniquely Sichuanese cuisine.  
Date: December 3-4
Venue: Golden Flower, Wynn Macau
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