• 21-JAN-2016

A Unique Collaboration of three Michelin-starred Chefs Wynn Macau Brings Together Japanese Culinary Arts of Sushi, Tempura and Teppanyaki in its Newly-refurbished Signature Japanese Restaurant – Mizumi

Macau, January 21, 2016 - Wynn Macau's Japanese restaurant Mizumi launches an unprecedented unique experience, by collaborating with three Michelin-starred chefs; each heralded in a Japanese culinary tradition – Sushi, Tempura and Teppanyaki, in one remarkable restaurant.

Discover Japanese Perfection
In collaboration with the Mizumi team, the three Michelin-starred chefs from Japan have created in Macau the greatest Japanese dining experience outside of Japan. In addition to the tradition of serving authentic Japanese food at the counter by a chef for a more intimate and interactive experience, the master chefs have specially designed signature dishes to be served in a perfect state at our beautiful main dining area for larger parties of guests. This is truly unique and will set a new benchmark in Japanese dining experience.

Only the finest seasonal ingredients from Japan and around the world will be used to create the perfect sushi, tempura, teppanyaki, and kyodo (regional) cuisines. Ingredients are delivered from the source, fresh, in a matter of hours and prepared "a la minute". The finest available products include sea urchin from Hokkaido, tuna from Aomori, and marbled beef from Ishigaki Island.

As dining is a journey through the senses, Mizumi offers a beautiful setting that complements the pleasures on the palate. Guests are first welcomed by the steel yellow dogami sculpture by artist Gerardo Hacer. Then they will be surrounded by stunning Japanese national colors of white and red throughout the restaurant, decorated with custom artwork pieces by renowned artist Sush Machida. Even the elegant carpet that covers the restaurant floor is inspired by an antique Japanese Obi.

Master Consultant Sushi Chef - Tsutomu Shimamiya (Two-Star Michelin)
Since opening his flagship restaurant, "Sushi Zen", in Hokkaido in 1971, Chef Shimamiya has become Japan's most revered practitioner of traditional edomae style sushi.   The restaurant was awarded two Michelin stars by the Michelin Restaurant Guide. As a regular guest on national television, Chef Shimamiya has iconic status in Japan and he has been recognized with several achievements of merit for his impact on Japan's culinary industry at home and abroad. He has been awarded the national "Master Contemporary Craftsman" recognition for his achievement. This award is usually granted to scientists of various disciplines and Chef Shimamiya is one of just two sushi chefs to ever receive the honor.

Over the years he has also been dispatched as a cultural ambassador; in this capacity he has prepared sushi for V.I.P.s and luminaries, including U.S. presidents Clinton and Obama in Washington D.C.  In Japan, Sushi Zen has expanded to six restaurants across several cities, including a popular establishment in Tokyo.

Master Consultant Tempura Chef - Kazuhito Motoyoshi (One-Star Michelin)
In 2006 Chef Motoyoshi launched the eponymous "Tempura Motoyoshi", now considered the benchmark restaurant in Japan for fine tempura, and has been awarded one Michelin star for five straight years.

Equipped with this experience, he opened Tempura Motoyoshi, where he has created a menu heavily influenced by the changing seasons.  The chef is keen that his customers experience a diversity of flavors and textures through a seasonal vegetable selection that varies daily.

Master Consultant Teppanyaki Chef - Junichi Yoshida (One-Star Michelin)
Receiving one  Michelin  star for  his  restaurant, "Ishigaki  Yoshida"  in  2015  cemented  Chef  Yoshida's status as a rising star among Japan's top teppanyaki chefs.

In 2013 Chef Yoshida opened Ishigaki Yoshida to great public acclaim.  Committed to using the finest ingredients in the world, "Ishigaki" is a reference to Ishigaki island, famed for the kuroge wagyu from which he sources his beef.  In addition to serving exquisite sirloin and tenderloin steaks, Chef Yoshida has created several signature dishes such as the renowned scrambled eggs with sea urchin and truffles.