Wynn hosts appreciation ceremony to commend volunteers' efforts in fighting the pandemic

  • 25-NOV-2022

Macau, November 25, 2022 – Wynn earlier held the "Citywide Nucleic Acid Test Station Volunteer Appreciation Ceremony" for those who volunteered in the citywide nucleic acid testing (NAT) program. At the ceremony, Ms. Linda Chen, Vice Chairman and Executive Director of Wynn Macau, Limited, and Mr. Frederic Luvisutto, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Director of Wynn Macau, Limited, presented a certificate of appreciation to the Wynn Employee (WE) volunteers as a recognition of their remarkable contribution and an expression of gratitude. During the outbreak of Covid-19 which started on June 18 (known as the 6.18 outbreak), the Macao SAR government adopted timely and efficient measures to successfully bring the pandemic under control and achieve "dynamic zero infection". To support the government's fight against the pandemic, Wynn swiftly organized a volunteer team to serve on the frontline. The volunteers actively participated in the citywide NAT program to support anti-pandemic efforts, demonstrating their sincere commitment to aid the people of Macao to ride out the difficulties whenever and wherever needed.

Delivering her speech, Ms. Linda Chen said during multiple rounds of citywide NAT, more than 1,200 visits totaling over 8,500 service hours were provided by WE volunteers to support the anti-pandemic effort duties. She expressed her heartfelt thanks to the active participation of the volunteer team in the anti-pandemic work. In spite of Covid-19 risks and physical fatigue, they fully demonstrated the WE volunteer team's motto: "showing care, giving love, helping people and brightening the community", as well as their dedication to helping the community. Despite that many sectors of the society have been affected by the pandemic, the volunteers' support has brought positive energy to everyone and added warmth to the society. She encouraged more employees to participate in voluntary work to extend Wynn's spirit of caring to every corner of the community.

In addition, Wynn also held at the same venue a "Life Inspiring" Sharing Session by WE volunteers, with special sharing by Mr. Pun Chi Meng, Secretary General of Caritas Macau. Through the sharing of Caritas experience of serving the society, Pun encouraged WE volunteers to continue to keep the charitable flame alive, gather strength to serve the community and extend the spirit of mutual help and love to those around us. With life influencing life, he called on us to build an inclusive and harmonious society together.

Since the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic, Wynn has actively offered appropriate help to the needy who have been continuously affected by the pandemic, including donations of relief packs to Caritas Macau to help the low-income individuals and the unemployed. As Macau enters a post-pandemic new normal, Wynn will continue to stay tuned for the district situation and development. Gathering strength to forge ahead, together we build a better Macau.