Chef Tam's Seasons and Golden Flower at Wynn Rank on "BAZAAR Taste Elite" Top 10 Macao Restaurant List

  • 02-FEB-2024

Macao, February 2, 2024 — With the recent release of the BAZAAR Taste Elite 2024 Hong Kong and Macao list from Harpar's BAZAAR, four signature restaurants at Wynn Macau and Wynn Palace earned recognition. Chef Tam's Seasons, a new Cantonese restaurant which opened less than one year ago at Wynn Palace, and Golden Flower, renowned for its modern take on Chinese imperial cuisine at Wynn Macau, both earned the top spots in the "BAZAAR TASTE ELITE 10 | MACAO", while Lakeview Palace and SW Steakhouse at Wynn Palace have also been awarded the "SPOTLIGHT". This elite list is a careful selection of just 30 restaurants in all of Hong Kong and Macao from 2023 to 2024 by Harpar's BAZAAR. Judging criteria is based on the quality of ingredients, the chef's ability to control taste and cooking techniques, the uniqueness of the cuisine, cost-effectiveness and consistency of standards. This new ranking on the "BAZAAR Taste Elite" list confirms Wynn's continued emphasis on procuring high-quality ingredients, implementing consistent standards and further helps promote Macao as a "Creative City of Gastronomy".

Cantonese Master Chef Tam Kwok Fung is the mastermind behind Chef Tam's Seasons, the new concept restaurant at Wynn Palace. Through his seasonal tasting menu, Executive Chef Tam carefully curates the ingredients for each dish based on micro-changes in regional climate, locally and internationally. The seasonal delicacies for each dish are prepared in accordance with time to carefully harmonize the five flavors, and Chef Tam's philosophy of the 24 solar terms pays tribute to the cultural traditions of Chinese culture. At his new concept restaurant, Chef Tam remains committed toward carrying on the legacy and authenticity of Cantonese cuisine with a blend of East and West, while also introducing contemporary concepts and techniques to add even greater vitality to traditional Cantonese cuisine. Throughout his culinary career, Executive Chef Tam has garnered numerous awards including Michelin stars; Diamond honors from the Black Pearl Restaurant Guide; Asia's 50 Best Restaurants rankings; and most recently in 2023, Chef Tam became the first chef in Macao to receive the "Chef of the Year" award from the Black Pearl Restaurant Guide.

Golden Flower at Wynn Macau, which has garnered the Forbes Five-Star Restaurant award and Diamond honors from the Black Pearl Restaurant Guide, is helmed by Executive Chef Henry Zhang, 2 who meticulously prepares Chinese imperial cuisine in a modern way. His specially crafted Degustation menu is designed to leave lasting memories of the dining experience at Golden Flower and tells a story from the Prelude to the Welcome Tea, Caviar, Beginning, Heritage, Abundance, Soup, Umami, Seasonal Vegetables, Bloom and the Finale. Steeped in history and rich in cultural heritage, gourmands will discover how his dishes beautifully complement the elegant ambience of Golden Flower.

Lakeview Palace at Wynn Palace presents the flavors of Jiangnan in an innovative way, cleverly blending classic Jiangnan cuisine with the unique, modern character of Jiangsu and Zhejiang as well as gastronomic influences from Sichuan and Guangdong.Each dish promises an exquisite surprise for the taste buds, where gourmands can experience the elegance of Jiangnan cuisine in the beautiful ambience of Lakeview Palace.

The award-winning SW Steakhouse at Wynn Palace – Macao's leading American steakhouse – has earned five stars from Forbes Travel Guide and Diamond honors from the Black Pearl Restaurant Guide for a third consecutive year. SW Steakhouse presents premium steakhouse fare and the finest seafood, paired with an unforgettable theatrical surprise. Reimagining the idea of the traditional dinner show, the lights darken, music fades and an aperture opens, amazing guests with a one-of- a-kind visual animation to delight the senses