Over 81 percent of Wynn team members now vaccinated

  • 22-OCT-2021

Macau, October 22, 2021 – In view of the evolving pandemic, building herd immunity is of prime importance. In order to further promote vaccinations, Wynn has organized four rounds of vaccination outreach since June, by inviting medical personnel from the Health Bureau to set up a Vaccination Center at Wynn Palace's Grand Theater to provide vaccination services for team members and their families. As a result, the vaccination rate among all Wynn team members has now increased to more than 81 percent.

Besides the vaccination outreach, Wynn has also held several rounds of vaccine information seminars, inviting representatives of the Health Bureau to deliver an in-depth explanation on the importance of vaccination against COVID-19 to more than 700 Wynn team members. Wynn also adapted the content of the seminars into short films that were broadcast in the back-of-house areas. At the same time, the company arranged online learning courses that enabled team members to access comprehensive and accurate information about the vaccines. In addition, Wynn has continued to arrange special shuttle bus services to the venues for those who make vaccination appointments. Team members who have completed their vaccination doses are able to enjoy up to two days of special leave, further encouraging and facilitating voluntary vaccination.

Pandemic prevention is currently Macau's primary focus, and it is vital to receive the COVID-19 vaccine in order to achieve herd immunity. Therefore, Wynn will continue to cooperate closely with the Health Bureau in actively encouraging Macau residents to get vaccinated so as to further increase the vaccination rate. We will also fully support the pandemic prevention guidelines and policies formulated by the SAR government, and diligently implement all pandemic prevention measures, to safeguard the safety, health and wellbeing of Wynn team members as well as our guests.