Wynn arranges COVID-19 vaccinations for team members

  • 31-MAY-2021

Initiative to help towards building herd immunity and ensuring community safety

Macau, May 31, 2021 – In response to the Macau SAR government's COVID-19 vaccination program and to further support the raising of local vaccination rates, Wynn will invite medical personnel of the Health Bureau to set up a Vaccination Center at Wynn Palace on June 15 and 16, for team members and their families to be vaccinated. This initiative aims to ensure the health and safety of employees, resorts guests and the wider community, assist with the building of herd immunity and securing Macau's prior achievements in combating the pandemic.

In addition, Wynn will host an educational seminar at Wynn Macau and Wynn Palace on June 8 and 9 under the theme of "The Road to Vaccine: Preparing for a Post-pandemic World", inviting Dr. Tai Wa Hou, representative from the Health Bureau and Clinical Director at the Conde de São Januário General Hospital, to provide team members with information on the vaccines. 

Wynn previously announced on March 4 this year that each team member who gets vaccinated will be entitled to two days of special leave. Apart from measures such as vaccine seminars, special leave and job deployment arrangements, Wynn will organize a back-of-house campaign hosting roadshow activities with lucky draw prizes for its team members in the coming weeks. This will further publicize the importance of vaccination and actively promote COVID-19 vaccination among team members.

Given the recent emergence of local COVID-19 cases in multiple areas of Guangdong Province, Wynn will continue to proactively cooperate with the SAR government to promote vaccination work in the hope of preventing a pandemic outbreak in the Macau community.

We hereby call on all our team members and the general public to get vaccinated as soon as possible to help build herd immunity and safeguard our public health.