Wynn Donates Anti-Epidemic Supplies Worth MOP 2 Million to SMEs

  • 23-MAR-2020

Wynn Donates Anti-Epidemic Supplies Worth MOP 2 Million to SMEs
Company Joins Hands with Macao Chamber of Commerce to Support Over 13,000 SMEs
Macau, March 23, 2020 – As COVID-19 spreads across the globe, Wynn continues to extend support for affected communities in Macau and in Mainland China. The epidemic is seriously impacting the local business environment, with small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) particularly in the food & beverage and retail industries coming under tremendous pressure. Wynn has therefore announced that it will donate MOP 2 million to purchase anti-epidemic supplies for SMEs, joining hands with the Macao Chamber of Commerce to distribute the supplies to local enterprises in need, in the hopes of combating the epidemic with the community.
Linda Chen, Vice Chairman and Executive Director of Wynn Macau, Limited, recently visited the Macao Chamber of Commerce and was warmly welcomed by the Vice Presidents of the Board of Directors, including Chui Yuk Lum, Vong Kok Seng, U Kin Cho and Choi Tat Meng. Both parties exchanged views and expressed concern over the operating pressures faced by local SMEs amid the epidemic. Linda Chen suggested distributing anti-epidemic supplies via the Macao Chamber of Commerce to its members as well as local enterprises in need, with the aim of supporting epidemic prevention in the local community and jointly building up a safe business environment that is beneficial to employers, employees and customers. This effort will also benefit local residents and thereby help strengthen consumer confidence.
Wynn has ordered over MOP 2 million worth of hand sanitizers from local suppliers. With support from the Macao Chamber of Commerce, these supplies are expected to reach members of the Macao Chamber of Commerce and local SMEs in stages from March 23 to April 17. This initiative is expected to benefit over 13,000 SMEs while also supporting local production of anti-epidemic supplies. For details about the distribution arrangements, please contact the Macao Chamber of Commerce at (853) 2857 6833 during office hours.
In response to the Macau SAR Government's call for "spurring domestic consumption and boosting the local economy", Wynn is also planning to allocate resources to assist local SMEs with online promotion and marketing, and cooperate with the Macao Chamber of Commerce to stimulate consumption in the short-term in order to boost the local economy, and stabilize employment and market confidence, in the hopes of accelerating the economic recovery.
As a local enterprise rooted in Macau, Wynn strives to fulfill its corporate social responsibilities. By providing support to ensure the priority and continued employment of local employees, and extending a helping hand amid challenging times, the company will continue to help Macau stand together as one to fight the epidemic.
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