Wynn Guest Chef Series Welcomes Leading Chefs from all across China

  • 23-MAR-2021

Celebrity chefs exchange culinary ideas, promote Chinese food culture

and reveal the flavors of China's North and South for three consecutive months this spring

Macau, March 22, 2021 — With the arrival of spring, Wynn is pleased to host an engaging new edition of the "Wynn Guest Chef Series". China's leading chefs from all across the country will descend upon Macau to take part in a series of 14 events for three consecutive months. These experienced chefs will lead guests on a gastronomic journey to experience the flavors of China's North and South from April to June this year at Wynn Macau and Wynn Palace Cotai.

Throughout their Macau visit, the celebrity chefs will also devote time toward sharing their culinary expertise with local students at "The Eight Great Cuisines of China" master class sessions. These educational events will be held at the Wynn F&B Academy and at other Macau higher educational institutions such as the Macao Institute for Tourism Studies (IFTM) and the Macau University of Science and Technology (MUST). Macau, recognized as a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy, is the perfect platform to exchange knowledge, introduce China's eight great cuisines and promote the rich culture of China's cuisine.

Ba Shu Feng Master Feast (Shenzhen)

The Ba Shu Feng Master Feast will be thoughtfully designed by Sichuan cuisine Master Chef Peng Ziyu to restore the true, classic flavors of Chengdu. Specifically for the Wynn Guest Chef Series event, Head Chef Xu Mingqiang and his team will introduce a series of highly sought-after Sichuan dishes, giving guests the opportunity to experience yet another side of this remarkably diverse cuisine.

Yue Hai Club (Shenzhen)

Yue Hai Club Head Chef Tang Shaoqing follows in the footsteps of Chef Lin Zi Ran – the father of Chaoshan cuisine. He carries on Chef Lin's philosophy of promoting the culture of Chaoshan through his dishes, while also breaking away from tradition to create innovative twists on this exciting cuisine through the use of high quality ingredients.

Da Dong Roast Duck (Beijing)

Considered an institution in Beijing and representative of China's capital, "Da Dong Roast Duck" restaurants are popular with foreign embassy officials who frequently entertain global heads of state and world-renowned dignitaries at these restaurants throughout the city. A number of "Da Dong" restaurants have also received accolades from the Michelin Guide Beijing and the Black Pearl Restaurant Guide for their exceptional dishes. Da Dong Restaurant Group's Executive Chef Sun Xianhou, who has catered for many renowned dignitaries, will personally visit Wynn to present Da Dong's signature dishes and an array of innovative and artistic concepts, adding an entirely new dimension to the dining experience for guests. 

Min Dong Yi Yu – Yellow Croaker Feast (Fu Jian)

Recipient of the Golden Ingredient Award from the Olive China Restaurant Awards, Min Dong Yi Yu is famous for its unique location. Today, this fish is cultivated using a "deep sea and semi-wild" breeding method in a 100-acre fishing ground. This form of breeding yields yellow croakers that are tender, delicious and melt in your mouth.  Chef Sun Xiaoyang, who received the prestigious 2020 Black Pearl Chef of the Year award, will lead his team of chefs to present a yellow croaker feast that infuses new cooking techniques and features an element of surprise.

Tian Ran Tai 1908 (Changsha)

In the minds of many, Hunan cuisine is thought to be spicy and oily, but Tian Rantai aims to dispel this perception by presenting new Hunan cuisine in a way that is more in keeping with the style of renowned governor and gourmand Tan Yankai. Inspired by his creativity, Tian Ran Tai Head Chef Shao Qing Hong will use natural ingredients in an artful way to take guests on a journey to explore the extremely delicate flavors of Hunan cuisine.

2046 Hunan Taste Kitchen (Shenzhen)

2046 Hunan Taste Kitchen selects only the finest of ingredients to create dishes that are prepared using both traditional and modern cooking techniques. In 2018, 2046 Hunan Taste Kitchen became the only Hunan restaurant in Shenzhen to be awarded by the Black Pearl Restaurant Guide and in 2019, earned a spot on Shenzhen's Must Eat list. At the helm of the restaurant is award-winning Head Chef Song Caifu, who is renowned for the extraordinary quality of his dishes.

Yan Jin Tang (Beijing)

A rising star in the Beijing capital's world of culinary, Chef Zhang Zhicheng is the founder and the head chef of Yan Jin Tang, a private kitchen featuring fusion cuisine created from a combination of ancient and modern techniques. Chef Zhang is especially good at boldly deconstructing ingredients that unearth a myriad of flavors for guests to discover.  

Zhe Li (Shenzhen)

Founded 10 years ago, Zhe Li is a famous Jiangnan restaurant in Shenzhen. Zhe Li serves salty and slightly sweet dishes from Hangzhou and is best known for its immensely popular steamed buns. Head Chef Su Jianbo, whose goal is to spread greater awareness about the culture of Jiangnan cuisine, received the prestigious Platinum award from the Famous China Chefs Conference for his dedication to the culinary arts.

Wing Lei Palace Sing Gor Private Kitchen:  A 6-hand collaboration (Macau)

Chef Sun Kuan Sing, better known as "Brother Sing" (Sing Gor), has more than 50 years of experience in overseeing chefs and is a master of Shunde cuisine. Sing Gor will collaborate with his son, Head Chef Sun Wing Kit (Wing Gor) and Executive Chef Tam Kwok Fung of Wing Lei Palace, ranked on the Asia's 50 Best Restaurant list. Together, this 6-hand collaboration will team up to transform even the most ordinary ingredients into extraordinary dishes fit for a king. Dishes such as golden brown, deep-fried crispy crab cakes and much more are certain to please the palates of dignitaries from Hong Kong, Macau and the Greater Bay region.

Master Oyster (Shenzhen)

The "Godfather of Chinese Oysters", Chef Chen Han Zong (also known as "Hao Ye") is at the helm of Master Oyster, where every oyster comes from the restaurant's very own Red Bay oyster farm. Whether fresh or dried, each oyster is bursting with flavor.

Yu Yang Zhi Wei (Beijing)

A disciple of Executive Chef Fu Yong Jun from Unilever Food Solutions (China), Head Chef Wang Haoquan of the new Yu Yang Zhi Wei private kitchen in Beijing, is renowned for also having coached the Chinese teams for the 2016 and 2020 Culinary Olympics. All of Chef Wang's culinary concepts are centered squarely on the ingredients themselves. He believes that by pouring one's heart into each dish through hard work, sacrificing time and by using quality ingredients, the ultimate sense of taste and beauty of presentation will be achieved. For the Wynn Guest Chef Series event, Chef Wang's menu is designed to feature different degrees of temperature – ice cold, cold, warm, hot and scalding hot. He will look after every minute detail to ensure that his dishes do not disappoint.   

Jiang Nan Delicacy (Suzhou)

Jiang Nan Delicacy is a famous restaurant in Suzhou and the recipient of numerous culinary awards including honors from the Black Pearl Restaurant Guide. This spring, Head Chef Chen Jianping and his team of chefs invite guests to join them on a journey to explore Suzhou Cuisine, which uses fresh ingredients of the season to showcase this trendy new cuisine while carefully preserving the rich cultural traditions of Suzhou's past.    

Ba Yue (Shenzhen)

Chef Michelle Feng envisioned creating a new landmark for Shenzhen cuisine, and she made that vision a reality with the founding of Xie Hou Studio in 2020, where she now serves as Head Chef. Her aim is to innovate traditional cooking techniques while always respecting the authenticity of its original flavors. She also devotes much of her time conceptualizing new and healthy trends that are designed to create a modern mix of Chaozhou and Shenzhen cuisine.

Tea Culture Chinese Restaurant (Shanghai)

Chef Hou Yiwei is one to watch. A rising star in Shanghai's competitive culinary scene, Chef Hou oversees Tea Culture Chinese Restaurant which has already garnered one Michelin star and a diamond rating from the Black Pearl Restaurant Guide. Known for crafting new concepts for the traditional flavors of Jiangnan, Chef Hou will use his exceptional swordsmanship to prepare innovative Huaiyang dishes for this year's Wynn Guest Chef Series.