Wynn hosts charity fun fair to celebrate 10th anniversary of Wynn Employee Volunteer Team

  • 13-DEC-2020

Event brings together nearly 30 social service organizations to promote community diversity and inclusion

Macau, December 13, 2020 – Wynn has always been committed to giving back to society by actively promoting and encouraging team members to participate in various community activities and volunteer initiatives. With the Wynn Employee (WE) Volunteer Team celebrating its 10th anniversary, the Wynn Care Foundation yesterday held the "WE Volunteer 10th Anniversary Double Appreciation Charity Fun Fair" on the lawn adjacent to the Wynn Palace South Entrance. At the event, nearly 30 charities and social service organizations that have been working alongside Wynn for many years were invited to set up game booths. There were also inspiring performances as part of the celebrations, gathering volunteers, community partners and the general public to celebrate this important milestone. Charity sale booths and charity prize vouchers were also set up at the fun fair to raise funds for the 37th Walk For A Million, local charities and social service organizations. Together, these initiatives all contribute to the goal of building an inclusive society.

The kick-off ceremony for the Double Appreciation Charity Fun Fair was hosted by Mr. Cai Xiaohui, Assistant Director of the Department of Social Affairs, Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the Macao SAR; Ms. Maria Helena de Senna Fernandes, Director of the Macao Government Tourism Office; Ms. Chan Ioc Sut, Head of Research and Investigation Department of the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau; Ms. Lei Lai Peng, Head of the Department of Family and Community Services of the Social Welfare Bureau; Ms. Io Iok Fong, Functional Head of the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau; Ms. Linda Chen, Vice Chairman and Executive Director of Wynn Macau, Limited and Chairman of the Wynn Care Foundation; Mr. Frederic Luvisutto, Chief Operating Officer of Wynn Palace; Mr. Ciaran Carruthers, Chief Operating Officer of Wynn Macau and Mr. Thomas Lau, Captain of WE Volunteers and Vice President of Human Resources of Wynn Macau. At the fun fair, Ms. Linda Chen expressed her appreciation and encouragement to the volunteer team and presented souvenirs to representatives of various community partners, showing gratitude for their support of the volunteer team during community activities over the past ten years. She also thanked each volunteer for their enduring dedication and selfless contributions, actively participating in various community services and volunteer activities that provide care and help to those in need in Macau society. In her speech, Ms. Chen said, "WE Volunteer Because WE Care, with a shared belief in spreading love and care among the community to bring happiness and help others, the WE Volunteer Team has grown from a small team at first to one with more than 2,600 volunteers today, with nearly 50,000 service hours to date. Thank you for continuing to transmit truth, kindness and beauty to society. This success is also inseparable from the support and cooperation provided by government departments and a range of social service organizations, which ensures that we can continually practice and promote the work of effectively giving back to society."

The fun fair attracted active participation from many citizens and members of social service organizations, receiving an enthusiastic response. With game and charity sales booths set up by various organizations, which were supported by WE Volunteer team members onsite, joyful activities helped to further promote community inclusion. Numerous organizations were invited to the event to take part in wonderful displays of talent, creating a lively atmosphere at the event.

To commemorate the anniversary milestone, Wynn has held a series of art workshops over the past few months, inviting ten community partners that have been working closely with the WE Volunteer Team to join hands together and create ten artworks under the theme of "WE Volunteer Team's 10th anniversary". The artworks were displayed in a designated exhibition area at the event to share the joy of the 10th anniversary with the public and demonstrate Wynn's spirit of love and care.

Established in 2010, the WE Volunteer Team has continually cooperated with different social service organizations each year to organize various community activities, with the aim of bringing friendship, harmony and care to the community. Apart from providing the team members with enriching experience and rewards, these activities also enable the power of "Wynn Care" to spread to different corners of the community, benefiting more people and helping to build a better and harmonious society.