• 23-OCT-2017

Wynn Hosts Road Safety Seminar

Improving awareness of safe driving and the emergency response  to a traffic accident for team members 

 Macau, October 23, 2017 – In order to improve the awareness of safe driving and the emergency response to a traffic accident for team members, Wynn organized two consecutive seminars about road safety and safe driving. Representatives from the Transport Bureau as well as the Public Security Police Force were the honorary speakers at the seminars. The two seminars together attracted the attendance of over 200 team members from Wynn Macau and Wynn Palace who drive to work daily. Both seminars received overwhelming support from the participants who were keen to ask questions on the topi.
The seminars were hosted in the meeting rooms at Wynn Macau and Wynn Palace respectively. A wide array of topics were discussed, starting from the introduction of the roles of the Transport Bureau and the Transit Department at the Public Security Police Force, followed by introducing the local traffic situation, intelligent transport system, transport facilities, Road Traffic Law, handling of road accidents and more. The speakers provided an analysis of the causes of local road accidents from different perspectives, ranging from Macau being densely populated to roads being narrow, traffic congestion and careless driving, among other factors. The speakers explained these situations with real scenarios and experiences, hoping the participants would be more aware of traffic conditions and so enhance the prevention of traffic accidents.
In addition, the speakers also explained current road traffic ordinances in detail, in particular on attention that needs to be paid to choosing motorcycle helmets. They hoped that both drivers and passengers will understand the new rules being implemented. The seminars also offered a Q&A session to allow team members to raise questions on problems encountered in their daily driving.  
In recent years, Macau's prosperous tourism sector has led to increasing traffic. Wynn has always emphasized road safety and, as a responsible local player, the company aims to enhance its employees' road safety knowledge and improve their skills for handling accidents through different training courses, with the aim of ensuring every team member keeps safety in mind when driving.