Wynn Macau wins Gold Award at the "2020 Macao Green Hotel Award"

  • 30-JUN-2021

Macau, June 29, 2021 – Wynn Macau has been actively responding to the need for action on environmental protection. As a result, Wynn recently won a Gold Award at the "2020 Macao Green Hotel Award" in recognition of the improvements it has made in its resort operations through environmental governance measures and advanced technology. The award also commends Wynn Macau for its contributions in building a green Macau.

As a large-scale integrated enterprise with deep roots in Macau, the award win reflects Wynn's core value of "Care about Everyone and Everything", further demonstrating the company's consistent mission of shouldering social responsibility. The company continues to implement eco-friendly initiatives and promote a green corporate culture, enabling guests, the Wynn team and society to recognize their importance. In doing so, all sectors can contribute to the sustainable development of Macau.

Wynn understands the importance of waste reduction at source, so it has been seeking innovative solutions to reduce plastic, food and energy consumption. In recent years, Wynn has adopted a number of new environmental protection technologies, including becoming the first integrated resort in Macau to jointly develop an automated water refilling system with Nordaq, and being the first to introduce the 'Nordaq 2000' Refilling System to Macau, greatly reducing the generation of plastic waste and the associated carbon footprint.

Furthermore, in order to reduce food waste, Wynn has formulated a series of waste reduction strategies. This includes becoming the first to introduce the 'Winnow Vision', a smart system that uses artificial intelligence technology to accurately track and measure what food is being wasted. The system delivers data-driven insights, enabling catering teams to take an analytical approach to food planning. It has successfully reduced food waste by at least 35% and also ensured a more responsible use of food products. Unserved food that cannot be converted or donated is transformed into compost to be utilized in the greening of the resort's environment.

To significantly reduce carbon emissions, Wynn has taken steps to actively support the Macau government's environmental protection policy by introducing zero-emission electric shuttle buses, which also contributes to improving Macau's green tourism image. Furthermore, to encourage green travel, Wynn provides free electric vehicle charging stations for employees and hotel guests. Wynn also continues to optimize multiple systems such as the chilled water production systems and air-conditioning systems, as well as installing water-saving devices and comprehensive monitoring systems to effectively manage electricity and water consumption.

Wynn believes that, through community education and promotion, people from all walks of life can be encouraged to do their part for environmental protection. Apart from encouraging team members to cherish food through the 'Clean Plate Challenge', Wynn has also implemented a "food donation initiative" since 2019. It was the first integrated resort in Macau to regularly donate food to other social service organizations, a collaboration that also enabled the provision of vocational training opportunities for people with disabilities. By upcycling fruit into dried fruit products for sale in the training restaurants, it not only reduces food waste but also transmits love within the community.

The "Macao Green Hotel Award" was established in 2007, organized by the Environmental Protection Bureau in collaboration with the Macao Government Tourism Office. It aims to promote the importance of environmental management in the hotel sector and recognize hotels that actively reduce water and electricity consumption and waste.