• 26-APR-2016

Wynn Palace – Over 3,600 local talents hired

Macau, April 26, 2016 – Wynn Palace has been supporting the Government's policy to prioritize the hiring of local talents as well as to provide adequate training opportunities so that upward mobility may be promoted. With that in mind, the company has considerably increased the number of local hires through several events organized hand in hand with a number of local associations. This continuous support for the Government's initiatives will not only benefit Wynn in the near future, but also help build Macau into a World Centre of Tourism and Leisure.
Wynn Palace – the multi-billion dollar integrated resort slated to open in Cotai this year – provides a variety of vacancies in major departments including its Hotel, Food & Beverage, Engineering, Finance, Surveillance, Audio-visual, Performance Facilities, Floriculture, Property Management, Card Control, Security, among others. The company has now attracted over 3,600 local talents, 1,000 of those being team members who have seen their internal transfers facilitated, and more than 300 new hires in the space of a month.
Wynn Palace is proud of its employees' hard work and dedication during this pre-opening phase. Local team members who have been with the company have seen their merits recognized and encouraged by being presented with promotion opportunities. Up until May, more than 200 local employees will be promoted as Wynn Palace understands the necessity of prioritizing the upward mobility of local residents.
Achieving encouraging results

The commitment to finding local talents has been one of Wynn Palace's greatest quests – hundreds of onsite interviews have been conducted in the several job fairs organized with the support of local associations. The number of such interviews, as well as onsite job offers, has been increasing with every event largely thanks to the presence of management personnel who donate their time to address questions applicants may have.

The variety of recruitment activities launched by Wynn Palace throughout the course of last year had impressive results and helped serve as a conduit between the company and potential applicants.
Campus recruitment a success

Wynn Palace has also organized Recruitment Days on campus in collaboration with various tertiary education institutes attracting over 1,000 students. Meanwhile, the company orchestrated a Seminar and Open Day for local university students earlier this year, targeting prospective and fresh graduates, specifically inviting the company' senior executives to share their work experience and opinions with prospects hires in order to add a practical dimension to the recruitment process. On the first occasion, nearly 100 applicants
participated in interviews, with 47 meeting our assessment criteria and were respectively recruited by our Administration, Food & Beverage, and Hotel departments.

Wynn Palace is consistently raising the bar on its recruitment efforts for local talents, and the number of local hires will continue to grow well after the property opens its doors in 2016.