Wynn Unveils First Community Revitalization Project to Celebrate and Breathe New Life to Rua da Felicidade in Double Festivals

  • 29-SEP-2023

Revitalizing the Community Economy and Enriching Cultural Experience

Macau, September 29, 2023Wynn has always strived to support Macau's position as a world center for tourism and leisure. As the first enterprise to collaborate with the Macao SAR government in the revitalization of the historical district, Wynn kicks off the "Rua da Felicidade Pedestrian Zone" during Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day in which the pedestrian zone project trial was commenced from today from 11am-1am, in hopes of injecting new momentum to the long-term prosperity and stability of Macau. To cooperate with the trial arrangement, Wynn fully leverages its own resources and business expertise to enrich the cultural and tourism elements of Rua da Felicidade, including optimizing the atmosphere of the street, introducing large-scale art installations, cultural and creative market, art and cultural event, interactive check-in game and night market experience. These create a vibrant and artistic atmosphere filled with cultural and tourism experiences, driving the business and development of local small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the district.

The launch ceremony of "Rua da Felicidade Pedestrian Zone" commenced today (September 29) in the pedestrian zone on Rua da Felicidade. Officiating guests include Elsie Ao Ieong U, Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture, Ho Ioc San, Director of the Office of the Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture, Leong Wai Man, Director of the Cultural Affairs Bureau, Linda Chen, President and Vice Chairman of the Board of Wynn Macau, Limited, Lo Chi Kin, Vice President of Administration Committee on Municipal Affairs of Municipal Affairs Bureau, Un Kim Fong, Acting Department Head of the Planning and Operations Department of the Public Security Police Force, Mok Soi Tou, Head of Coordination Department of the Transport Bureau, Chan Ka Leong, Director-General of the General Union of Neighbourhood Associations of Macau (UGAMM). The ceremony was also attended by Lo Hou Chi, Advisor of the Office of the Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture, Tou Mio Leng, President of the Neighborhood Mutual Aid Association of Rua da Felicidade, and Ng Wah Wai, Executive Chairman of The Industry and Commerce Association of Macau.

The "Rua da Felicidade Pedestrian Zone" is the first community revitalization project jointly promoted by the government's cross-departmental teams and integrated tourism and leisure enterprise in Macau. The project focuses on Rua da Felicidade as the core, and covers the areas of Travessa do Mastro, Travessa do Aterro Novo, Rua Do Matapau and Travessa de Hó Lo Quai. The floral installation at the main entrance of Rua da Felicidade placed by the Wynn team, is inspired by the "hot air balloon" designed by Preston Bailey, displaying an international-level art piece on the busy street, attracting people to stop and take photos. The giant gashapon machine catches the eyes of passing pedestrians and encourages people to interact. In addition, embellished lanterns and moon rabbit installations are installed to create a prosperous and festive atmosphere to the residents and visitors. During the pilot period, Wynn has introduced the "Back to Rua da Felicidade" theater and "East Meets West" art flash mob and invited nearly 20 mainland China and local performers to participate, allowing residents and tourists to experience the elegance of Rua da Felicidade and its Chinese and Western culture.

During the pilot period, Wynn also collaborated with The Industry and Commerce Association of Macau to organize a cultural market in the district at daytime, and invited many local cultural and creative brands to sell and display local cultural and creative products, handicrafts, etc, to increase business opportunities for SMEs. To enhance the interactivity and promotion opportunities to SMEs, Wynn also developed the interconnected business district WeChat mini program taking Rua da Felicidade as the core district, and expanded to Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro and Largo de Santo Agostinho. Approximately 60 check-in signs are also set up to enable visitors to scan QR codes in the WeChat mini program to obtain introductions to the landmarks and merchants, and offer them a chance to win prizes from shops and market stalls around Rua da Felicidade and cash vouchers from a total of 40 SMEs, as a form of encouraging them to spend more. It is estimated that the interactive check-in game will attract the participation of over 150,000 people and benefit over 60 SMEs. Wynn also cooperated with MPay to invite SME merchants in the area to participate in the community's consumption promotions. Customers who spend MOP50 or more in a single transaction via MPay e-Wallet at participating merchants will be able to enjoy instant discounts, an opportunity to attract people to join and drive consumption in the community. Additionally, in order to enrich the night experience in the community, Wynn set up a roadside bar and food trucks in the market, offering Wynn's wine tasting night experience, equipped with colorful tables, chairs and starry sky umbrellas as public facilities on the street, allowing the neighborhood to gradually become immersed in a unique night market atmosphere. In addition, a number of influencers from local, Hong Kong, and mainland China will be invited to check in, visit the market stores, or interact through live broadcasts to enhance publicity.

Wynn will continue to cooperate with the Macao SAR Government's '1+4' moderate diversified development strategy and cooperate with different stakeholders in the community, contributing to the development of non-gaming and community tourism in Macau orderly, and leveraging on the interconnection of "Tourism+" to promote the comprehensive development of Macau's economy and tourism.