Wynn Ushers in the Year of the Dragon with Auspicious Celebrations and Exceptional Culinary Experiences

  • 29-JAN-2024

Macao, January 29, 2024 — In celebration of auspicious new beginnings for the Year of the Dragon, Wynn Macau and Wynn Palace Cotai are launching a series of vibrant Chinese New Year festivities and culinary experiences which showcase Macao's rich and diverse tourism offerings. The Chinese New Year is set to begin on a high note as renowned Hong Kong singer and actor Cheung Chi-lam entertains audiences with his heartwarming "Chilam In The House Music Live" at Wynn Macau and Wynn Palace. Wynn will also host special Chinese New Year-themed events in the Rua da Felicidade Pedestrian Zone and participate in the Macao SAR Government's "Parade for Celebration for the Year of the Dragon 2024". In grand tradition, Wynn Macau and Wynn Palace will also showcase colorful Chinese dragon and lion dance performances to convey Chinese New Year blessings to visitors from around the world.  

Cheung Chi-lam presents – "Chilam In The House Music Live"

On February 12 (the third day of Chinese New Year) and on February 14 (the fifth day of Chinese New Year), Hong Kong artist Cheung Chi-lam will perform the "Chilam In The House Music Live" for guests at Wynn Macau and Wynn Palace. Talented and remarkably versatile, Cheung Chi-lam is renowned for his acting career on the big screen and for TV shows, as well as his incredible voice. He quickly rose to fame for his leading roles in many popular television series – The Legend of the Condor Heroes, Return of the Cuckoo, Point of No Return, Triumph in the Skies and more. He is also widely known for his moving vocal performances of "Modern Love Story", "Maple Leaf", "Wish You Well" and many more classics. When Cheung Chi-lam graces the Wynn stage in Macao, audiences will enjoy an intimate live performance – the perfect way to ring in Chinese New Year and celebrate a romantic Valentine's Day.

Tickets for the concerts are on sale now for: MOP 580 / 780 / 980 / 1280 / 1480 and may be purchased at the official Wynn ticketing website (ticketing.wynnresortsmacau.com) or Damai.cn. Those who buy tickets using the MPay App will receive 10% off. Alternatively, tickets may be purchased in person from the Wynn Macau Concierge at Wynn Tower and Wynn Palace Concierge at the North Atrium Lobby.

A truly local Chinese New Year at Rua da Felicidade

In support of the Macao SAR Government's diverse array of events all throughout the Chinese New Year, Wynn is pleased to encourage more visitation to the Rua da Felicidade Pedestrian Zone by presenting an array of festive culinary delicacies, specially concocted beverages and cultural traditions. From February 10 to 18 and February 23 to 25, the Rua da Felicidade Pedestrian Zone will be filled with festive Chinese New Year décor, traditional cultural performances and a lively handicrafts market. Wynn is also crafting specialty cocktails, limited-edition Chinese New Year cookies, and inviting visitors to join in free guided cultural tours along Rua da Felicidade. The God of Wealth will also be visiting Rua da Felicidade to spread good fortune and share his blessings with everyone from February 10 (the first day of Chinese New Year) to February 14 (the fifth day of Chinese New Year). Through the series of festive activities, delicious delicacies and cocktails, Wynn hopes to give visitors and local residents a deeper insight into the unique character of Macao's historic neighborhoods. While walking through the colorful streets of Rua de Felicidade, visitors will be able to share in the joy and excitement of celebrating Chinese New Year together with locals.

A vibrant Chinese New Year parade

On February 12 (the third day of Chinese New Year) and February 17 (the eighth day of Chinese New Year), Wynn will participate in the "Parade for Celebration for the Year of the Dragon 2024" hosted by the Macao Government Tourism Office. This year, the design of the Wynn float features the iconic Wynn SkyCab and a golden dragon to symbolize a dragon taking flight to bring good fortune to everyone at Chinese New Year. Performers from all walks of life will lead a joyful celebration along Rua da Felicidade, extending their best wishes to everyone in Macao for the Year of the Dragon.

Traditional dragon and lion dance performances

Each year, the dragon and lion dance performances are an indispensable part of Chinese New Year traditions at Wynn Macau and Wynn Palace. On February 17 (the eighth day of Chinese New Year and February 18 (the ninth day of Chinese New Year), dragon and lion dances will be held at both properties to spread good fortune with the lighting of firecrackers. Spectators can follow in the footsteps of the lion dance team as they dance to the beat of drums and weave their way through all major areas of each resort while "plucking the green" – a symbolic way of spreading blessings of peace, prosperity, and good health.  Both resorts will be full of elegant Chinese New Year décor, for a truly festive atmosphere.

Wynn Chinese New Year 'jewelry gift boxes'

With the arrival of a new year, Wynn is pleased to present sets of four Chinese New Year Festive Cakes in elegantly designed gift boxes. The striking red 'jewelry gift box' with gold handles features two majestic dragons and Wynn's iconic floral patterns to symbolize the "soaring of the dragon" and "blossoming flowers for prosperity". Designed to be both elegant and practical, the gift boxes may be used time and again as jewelry cases, in line with Wynn's ongoing commitment to sustainability.

The classic Chinese New Year Festive Cakes are hand-crafted by Wynn's award-winning culinary team and made of high-quality ingredients. Guests may choose the savory Turnip Cake and Taro Cake (MOP 428 per box), or the sweet Coconut Cake and Water Chestnut Cake (MOP 368 per box). Guests may now visit Wing Lei at Wynn Macau or Sweets at Wynn Palace to purchase the festive cakes, or to purchase gift vouchers for friends and family. For more details, please contact Wing Lei at Wynn Macau: (853) 8986 3688 or Sweets at Wynn Palace: (853) 8889 3683.

Experience Chinese New Year culinary surprises at Wynn

Chinese New Year is one of the most festive times of the year where family and friends re-unite to indulge in exceptional gastronomy. The signature restaurants at Wynn Macau and Wynn Palace are delighted to present an array of Chinese New Year culinary surprises for everyone to enjoy together.

At Wynn Macau, the Michelin two-star Wing Lei Cantonese restaurant is preparing a variety of auspicious dishes including the Sautéed Macau sole fillet and crispy bones with black moss and truffle. For this dish, the award-winning chefs at Wing Lei will expertly prepare a large fillet of Macau sole at just the right temperature to ensure the fish bones are crispy and the flesh of the fish is perfectly tender. To elevate this dish even further, the fish is garnished with truffles for an incredible aroma. The Forbes Five-Star Golden Flower restaurant, renowned for its rich history, artistry, and official cuisine of China, will present a luxurious version of Northeastern home-cooked dishes. The Northern hot pot with seafood and lamb at Golden Flower will feature seasonal seafood and nutritious lamb. Bursting with flavor, this hot pot is perfect for celebratory gatherings amongst family and friends. Café Esplanada, home to delicacies from around the world, will also present Chinese New Year-themed Afternoon Tea Set for guests to enjoy in a festive atmosphere surrounded by lush gardens. From February 9 to 18, Café Esplanada will also prepare Chinese New Year Buffet dinners featuring a variety of festive delicacies for family and friends to enjoy together.

At Wynn Palace, Chef Tam's Seasons – the new concept restaurant created by Cantonese Master Chef Tam Kwok Fung – will present an array of culinary surprises for Chinese New Year including an Abalone, superior sea cucumber, semi-dried oyster and chicken served in cast iron cocotte. Each ingredient blends beautifully with one another and is symbolic of the new year. Lakeview Palace, home to the flavors of Jiangnan is also crafting a variety of festive dishes, and one dish that is an absolute must is the 'Yushang' abalone prosperity salad. In true Chinese New Year tradition, family and friends can enjoy tossing the salad to even greater heights with the goal of achieving more prosperity than ever before in the new year. From February 1 to 29, Sweets will also present a limited-edition Year of the Dragon – Milk Chocolate and Mandarin Cake. This festive red cake features a mighty golden dragon in a symbolic nod to a prosperous Year of the Dragon and is filled with a combination of citrus jam and milk chocolate, for a flavor that is full of surprises.

For reservations or enquiries, please call Wynn Macau: (853) 8986 3663 or Wynn Palace: (853) 8889 3663.