Wynn Welcomes the Year of the Ox

  • 13-JAN-2021

Celebrate an auspicious Chinese New Year with award-winning dining 
at Wynn Macau and Wynn Palace

Macau, January 13, 2021 – Wynn Macau and Wynn Palace Cotai present a series of specially crafted Chinese New Year dishes to usher in the Year of the Ox. The Michelin two-starred Wing Lei restaurant at Wynn Macau will prepare classic Chinese New Year dishes, while Wing Lei Palace, which ranks on the prestigious Asia's 50 Best Restaurants list, will present Cantonese Chinese New Year classics that feature a blend of traditional and modern flavors in celebration of a prosperous year ahead.  

Wynn Macau
The chefs at the Michelin two-starred Wing Lei Chinese restaurant will prepare an array of auspicious Chinese New Year dishes for the festive occasion. One of the most celebrated dishes on the menu is the Steamed egg white with Hokkaido scallops, fresh crab meat and roe. This dish features fresh, premium scallops from Hokkaido that are wonderfully sweet in flavor and beautifully snow-white in color. Paired with soft egg white, the combination of the two ingredients adds a special richness and more depth of flavor. Fresh coral crab meat yields yet another dimension to the overall taste. The Chinese name of this dish is also very symbolic –"Flowers in Bloom Welcome Prosperity"– signifying good fortune and a new year full of hope. Two more popular Chinese restaurants, Red 8 at Wynn Macau and 99 Noodles at Encore, will also be serving festive Chinese New Year dishes. 

Wynn Palace 
Wing Lei Palace – recipient of the Asia's 50 Best Restaurants award – will present Chinese New Year dishes that are steeped in tradition, yet boldly introduce new flavors for a festive dining experience like no other. The highlight of this year's menu is the Wok-fried French blue lobster with water chestnuts and celery. The French blue lobster is renowned for its rich and succulent meat. Topped with water chestnuts and celery, each bite is simply heavenly. Guests will also discover Chinese New Year classics on the menu such as Chilled abalone, sea cucumber, pomelo and Chinese pickles salad; Abalone, fish maw, superior sea cucumber and black moss in a clay pot and more – each symbolic of a prosperous new year. The ambience at Wing Lei Palace sets the scene for a celebratory feast overlooking the magnificent Performance Lake where water dances gracefully to beautifully choreographed music and light. For guests in search of flavors from all across China, Red 8 and 99 Noodles – located in the heart of Wynn Palace – will offer special Chinese New Year dishes from the country's north and south. 

Chinese New Year Cakes
Back by popular demand, Wynn will once again offer its classic Chinese New Year Cakes throughout the festive season. As an advocate of the local arts, Wynn is pleased to have collaborated with Macau Design Centre to create this year's Chinese New Year Cake gift boxes. Local Macau artist Tramy Lui was invited to inject creativity into the design of each box. Inspired by Macau's unique blend of Chinese and Western cultures, the design features the prominent Macau landmarks of St. Paul's Ruins, Guia Lighthouse and the tiled roof of the A-Ma Temple. Each cultural icon of Macau is thoughtfully integrated into the design, showcasing both Chinese and Portuguese architecture, while also conveying the Chinese New Year symbolism of harmony and prosperity. Each gift box has been carefully created to be sustainable, the box can be transformed into a Chinese New Year candy box that is traditionally filled with all kinds of festive sweets for everyone to enjoy together throughout the holidays.

Guests may choose from four varieties of Wynn Chinese New Year Cakes. Wynn's traditional turnip cake and taro cake are priced at MOP 428 per box, while the sweet Chinese New Year coconut cake and water chestnut cake are MOP 368 per box. Chinese New Year Cakes and vouchers are available at Wynn Macau's Wing Lei restaurant and Sweets at Wynn Palace. These irresistible cakes are the perfect gifts for sharing with friends and family in celebration of a brand new year.