• 01-FEB-2019

99 Noodles

Located in the Encore gaming hall, 99 Noodles specializes in delicious Chinese regional hand-pulled and cut noodle dishes in a fanciful Chinoiserie-inspired environment.
Stepping into 99 Noodles, guests enter the elegant world of 18th -century French Chinoiserie, in which the design motifs of the Orient were interpreted by Europeans. The French Chinoiserie inspiration reveals itself in the intimate environment through motifs of golden bells, calligraphy and golden Parisian birds, creating an environment of exquisite comfort.
Giant colorful chopsticks crisscross the walls as a playful tribute to the eating utensil of choice in the restaurant. With this colorful "dance of the chopsticks" all around, the bright, colorful environment is a perfect accompaniment to delicious noodles.
99 Noodles features an interactive menu offering guests an opportunity to create their own noodle dishes with a choice of nine artisan hand cut noodles, nine sumptuous hot broths and a selection of garnishes and sauces. 99 Noodles also features appetizers and specialty dishes from the Northern provinces.
The flavorful dishes at 99 Noodles are all prepared under the careful eye of master Chef de Cuisine Liu Jie. Prior to joining Wynn Macau, Chef Liu headed the opening team of the Kai Xuan northern Chinese restaurant at the Hong Kong Jockey Club in Beijing and served as its Chinese Executive Chef for two years. As one of the capital's most exclusive restaurants, Kai Xuan often attracted a number of celebrities.
Signature dishes include:
  • Pan-fried Chinese puffs filled with chives and scrambled eggs
  • Beef brisket broth with noodles in tomato soup
  • Sauteed pork belly and mushroom noodles in yellow oil
  • Fried tip-end noodles with minced pork and green beans