• 01-FEB-2019

Lakeside Trattoria

Vibrant and chic Italian trattoria with breathtaking views

Welcome to Lakeside Trattoria, the go-to hot spot for authentic Italian dining in Macau. With its prime waterfront views overlooking Nam Van Lake, this vibrant Italian trattoria invites guests into an elegant indoor setting, or outdoors onto a relaxing European-style terrace for a leisurely lunch or romantic dinner. Passionate about sharing the authentic flavors and colors of Italy in Macau, the culinary artists at Lakeside Trattoria insist on sourcing only the freshest of ingredients from all over the world. 

The Roman-style pizzas and artisanal pasta dishes are a must at Lakeside Trattoria. The Roman-style pizza dough is made from a two-grain flour mixed with an Italian preferment. After at least 48 hours of slow maturation, the dough is hand-kneaded and baked until it transforms into a thin and crispy ethereal golden crust. The pasta at Lakeside Trattoria is freshly handmade to order each day and crafted with "equal part love and passion". The flour is sifted, the dough kneaded, rolled, folded, cut into shapes and then cooked to exact precision – this is the art of homemade pasta in an Italian trattoria kitchen. At the heart of the restaurant, guests will discover a Mercato counter, where Italian street food and traditional desserts showcase the rich and colorful culinary culture of Italy. 

Reminiscent of a European-style café, the spacious Lakeside Trattoria interior features black-and-white checkered stone flooring and dark woods, while the windows are framed in richly layered drapery with bold trimmings. The walls and counters are sheathed in Calacatta Marble and the Pendants Lights that hang from above – punctuate the space. Bordering the main dining area, is a sun-lit terrace inspired by a typical sidewalk café in a European city, where guests can take in spectacular views overlooking Nam Van Lake and beautifully landscaped gardens.

Signature dishes on offer at Lakeside Trattoria:

  • Insalata di Polpo (Frementle octopus, pickled shallots, potato, tomato, salmoriglio)
  • Casareccie con Gamberi e Granchio (Spanner crab, blue prawn, crab bisque, tomato, chili)
  • "Nicos" Lasagna (Meat ragu, béchamel, Parmigiano Reggiano)
  • Pollo "Spatchcock" allo Spiedo (Whole yellow free-range chicken, chicken jus)
  • Culatello (San Marzano tomato, Culatello di Zibello, stracciatella, basil)