• 01-FEB-2019

A Homemade Ramen and Authentic Japanese Yakitori Experience

Tekka offers authentic Yakitori and premium homemade ramen in casually sophisticated surrounds. From the stylish décor to each masterfully designed dish, Tekka exudes a vibrant and elegant flair. Upon entering the restaurant, you will encounter a lively, open kitchen where our master chefs are hard at work. Watch as these extraordinary craftsmen prepare top-quality Binchotan charcoal-grilled Yakitori and homemade ramen in perfect unison.

Tekka creates an authentic dining experience for each guest by meticulously selecting just the right ingredients and cooking each dish to exacting standards. Charcoal-grilled Yakitori is considered to be one of the most important dishes at traditional Japanese restaurants and by using premium Binchotan charcoal, our chefs can be sure that the ingredients are cooked at a consistent temperature for a juicy, chargrilled flavor. Beyond the classic chicken Yakitori, Tekka also sources high-quality ingredients such as Australian Wagyu beef tongue and black cod. Through methodical cooking and upholding the highest of standards, each dish is prepared to perfection.

A bowl of classic, homemade Japanese ramen is an absolute must when dining at Tekka. Every day, our chefs spend 10 hours to cook four different types of broth, including the delicious shrimp and pork broth, and prepare fresh homemade noodles for each bowl of ramen, which are then topped with quality ingredients such as Japanese style cha-shu. For guests who wish to experience other dishes, Tekka also offers authentic Japanese side dishes, rice, and udon. And for dessert-lovers, our homemade black sesame soft serve ice cream and Japanese style cotton cheese cake are irresistibly delicious.  

 The stylish and elegant interiors at Tekka mirror much of Japan's rich and vibrant culture. The ceiling is covered with a lattice of Japanese characters made of gold metal. Light shines through the characters and echoes with the Japanese character metal sculptures at the restaurant entrance and tea lounges. Colorful Japanese curtains and umbrellas are dotted throughout every corner of the restaurant to create a feeling of warmth, offering an elegant mix of modernity and tradition to the space.