Quente! A Sichuan Bistrô

  • 01-FEB-2019

Quente! A Sichuan Bistrô

Wynn Macau proudly presents Quente! A Sichuan Bistrô, a brand new Sichuan restaurant at the luxury resort. The restaurant will showcase the many flavor profiles of the beloved regional Chinese cuisine, matched with uniquely curated ingredients, from chilies, spices to elusive condiments that make Sichuan fare the popular cuisine today.

Captivating the essence and soul of Sichuan cuisine, where flavor profiles vary by way of cooking techniques, combination and ratio of condiments, Quente! A Sichuan Bistrô's menu is designed and crafted by Wynn Macau's team of experienced Sichuan chefs, whose decades of culinary experience covers impeccable cooking techniques, projected into spicy local flavors through homely recipes and innovative dishes. Quente! A Sichuan Bistrô enlivens the diversity of the cuisine.

The restaurant sources its raw ingredients from Sichuan, notably including bright red Maowen Sichuan peppercorns, Chongqing Shizhu red chilies, Jiuye green peppercorns, and Pixian fermented bean paste — the soul of Sichuan cuisine. Together the ingredients bring synergy and infuse the Sichuan dishes with a spicy breath to it. Quente! A Sichuan Bistrô highlights four signature dishes. "Poached Fish in Chili Oil" showcases the freshest catch, sliced thin, poached, with a clash of spicy, chili-spiked broth. Quente! A Sichuan Bistrô's "Mapo Tofu" exudes sensations beyond mala, the iconic sensation of numbing and spicy in Sichuan cuisine. Chefs at Quente! A Sichuan Bistrô highlight homemade tofu, prepared with a special breed of soy beans that bring richer texture and flavor to the tofu, freshly made in-house. The unique, elevated tofu dish brings sensations of incredible heat, seductive aroma, freshness and multiple textures in every bite. Sichuan "Dan Dan Noodles" showcases a daily-made freshly prepared sauce every day with a secret recipe. After a spicy feast at the restaurant, the numbingly "Spicy Ice Cream" is topped with a four-hour slow-simmered spicy red chili oil and crunchy peanut topping, an extraordinary anecdote that relieves the heat and spice for a complete experience.

Guests at Quente! A Sichuan Bistrô can look forward to a vibrant series of Sichuan flavors, complete with a distinctive array of teas and wines that complements the multitude of flavor profiles for a true, enjoyable Sichuan cuisine experience.