• 14-JUN-2018

Red 8

Marvelous Open Kitchen Adds Extra Spice to Fast, Fine Chinese Dining Experience
Red 8, one of the two casual dining eateries at Wynn Macau, has an exciting interior design and menu to quickly serve excellent quality meals. Skilled chefs are offering up a visual feast in a marvelous open kitchen, as they prepare a wide variety of dim sum and specialty Cantonese and Northern Chinese noodles.
Wynn Macau prides itself on handpicking the best chefs to create fulfilling dining experiences for its guests.
“Special care has been paid to create an amazing dining experience, where guests can enjoy an even greater selection of fine Chinese cuisine, and also be able to feel the excitement and energy of the action in the kitchen,” said Chef de Cuisine. “We’ve created a fresh experience for our customers, who are continually delighted with the taste and speed of Red 8.”
Guests are able to select from many menu items, including specialty noodles from the Northern region of China, Beijing-style dim sum, and authentically prepared Beijing duck. To surpass guests’ expectations in bringing the menu to life, chefs from Beijing and Shanghai have joined the Red 8 kitchen team.
Signature dishes include:
  • Classic Beijing duck from the wood fire oven with condiments
  • Fresh crab congee
  • Shrimp wontons with noodles
  • Chilled marinated chicken with Huadiao wine
  • Steamed Shanghainese dumplings with minced pork
The fine Chinese dining takes place in a casual elegant setting and serves treats around the clock every day. The open kitchen at the center of Red 8’s design gives a more than 270 degree view, which allows guests to enjoy the spectacle as the skilled chefs practice their art. The centerpiece of the open kitchen is a wood-fired brick oven for cooking Beijing duck in the traditional way. The apple wood used for fuel is flown from California, and gives the Beijing duck a unique aroma.
Leung Wai Mun Chef de Cuisine Red 8
Leung Wei Mun, Chef de Cuisine of Red 8, has spent his career developing the art of Chinese cuisine. With over 25 years in the dining industry, he has regularly returned to Hong Kong, between periods cooking around the world.
Leung Wai Mun started his career in 1976 as a pastry cook in Hong Kong’s Ruby Restaurant. His journey in the art of Chinese cuisine took him abroad bringing his culinary expertise and traditions to Zurich Hotel International, in Switzerland, and Ming Seafood in Indonesia, where he worked over a number of years. He then returned to Hong Kong and took a leading role at the famous Fortune House, in Fung Wong Village.
Throughout his career, Chef Leung has continued to refine the experience of fine Chinese dining, from overseeing menu design, and planning Chinese culinary festivities, to the supervision of banquet events, and kitchen operations. He consistently takes an interest in staff training and skill development in his kitchen, ensuring a high standard of food quality and at the same time safe guarding the traditional techniques of Asian cuisines.