• 14-JUN-2018

Wing Lei

Michelin-star restaurant presents classic Cantonese cuisine with a modern flair
Wing Lei is Wynn Macau’s signature Chinese restaurant, and proud recipient of the prestigious Michelin-star award and Forbes Travel Guide Five Star restaurant award once again this year. Wing Lei has received the coveted Michelin award for nine consecutive years.
Wing Lei prides itself on offering high-end, classic Cantonese cuisine, featuring both regular and seasonal menus. Classic dishes are repackaged into appealing sizes and portions. The chefs take note from Japan and western countries in order to meet customers’ diversified appetites. A delightful array of dim sum, barbecued dishes, soup, abalone, and main courses offer a gastronomical experience, prepared by the dedicated team of professional chefs and customer services staff.
Wing Lei’s décor is an evocative blend of traditional and modern Chinese design characteristics, touched with a Western influence through a palette inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s painting Sunflowers. Yellow with touches of flame coral in a sea of creamy textures, the room exudes masculinity with elements of sparkle, glowing in color and light. The iconic Moon Gate welcomes guests, while heroic-scaled Cloisonné horses add a touch of drama.
Immediately visible upon entering the main dining room, the centerpiece of the restaurant is an iconic flying dragon composed of 90,000 Swarovski crystals and individual blown glass elements. The dragon symbolizes happiness, luck, and activity, main themes that are carried throughout the entire Wynn Macau resort. Hundreds of tiny lights illuminate the sculpture, bringing life to the undulating creature. The flooring is based on a fret design from a Ming dynasty screen, while the polished chrome of the wall lights and mirrored surfaces enhance the texture and beauty of the space.
The main dining area can seat 134 people (27 tables). There are five private dining rooms which can accommodate 5 to 10 people each. All private rooms have floor-to-ceiling windows looking onto the garden and Nam Van Lake beyond. Most are equipped with flat screen TVs and private washrooms. 
Signature dim sum, served during lunch time, includes:
  • Steamed prawn dumplings with pickled vegetables
  • Baked barbecued pork buns with sweetened crust
Signature dishes include:
  • Steamed Macau sole in soy sauce
  • Steamed cod fish roll with preserved tree seeds
  • Tea-smoked crispy chicken
  • Barbecued Pata Negra pork with maple syrup
Apart from Wing Lei signature dishes, not to be missed are the Wing Lei Signature Tea and the XO sauce. The Wing Lei Signature Tea is a unique blend available exclusively at Wing Lei. It combines a mixture of flowers, fruits and different types of tea leaves. The XO sauce for each table is a house-blend of high quality ingredients.
Chef Chan Tak Kwong Executive Chef Wing Lei 
Executive Chef Chan Tak Kwong is at the helm of Wynn Macau’s Michelin-star Wing Lei restaurant.
Chef Chan joined the Wynn Macau pre-opening team in 2006. Since then, he and his team at Wing Lei have worked extraordinarily hard to ensure the traditions of Cantonese cuisine are upheld, the ingredients are always of premium quality and the presentation of each dish is always exceptional.
Chef Chan has been passionate about food since he was a young child. He knew from a very early age that cooking was his calling. Originally from China, Chef Chan moved to Hong Kong as a teenager and began his career working as a kitchen apprentice. Thanks to his dedication and passion, he was invited to work in Japan in 1988, and spent nearly a decade working for Cantonese restaurants across the country.
From Japan, Chef Chan moved to China, where he learned the cooking styles of Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. His extensive knowledge of China’s regional styles of cooking serves him well at Wing Lei, where he caters to mainland Chinese clientele. Just prior to joining Wynn Macau, he worked for Ah-Yat Abalone Restaurant in Shanghai, which specializes in serving the world’s most premium dishes such as bird’s nest, abalone and the finest of seafood.
At Wing Lei, Chef Chan also dedicates his time nurturing the talented young chefs in the kitchen. Under his supervision, Wing Lei’s chefs showcase their talents and express refreshing cuisine concepts to guests.