• 24-APR-2018

Wynn Introduces Clean Energy Buses

Wynn Introduces Clean Energy Buses
Dedicated to environmental responsibility and the sustainability of Macau
Macau, April 24, 2018 – Wynn announced today the introduction of clean energy buses to optimize its existing shuttle fleet, in support of the environmental policies of the Macau SAR government and the objective of ensuring the sustainable development of Macau. In the initial stage, Wynn has purchased eight clean energy buses to offer hotel guests transportation services to and from its hotels. The zero-emission fleet includes six tour coaches and two public bus style vehicles, and are expected to enter service in May 2018. Wynn will gradually fully implement the use of clean energy buses in the future.
The clean energy buses introduced by Wynn are aimed at achieving zero-emissions to effectively reduce air pollution and harmful impacts on the environment. This follows Wynn's initiative in 2016, in response to the government's transportation integration arrangements, in cooperating with another gaming operator to enhance its hotel shuttle bus service by launching a joint shuttle bus route connecting passengers between each other's different properties and the Gongbei Border gate. The measure effectively reduced the number of shuttle buses and alleviated road traffic in the city. 
Wynn believes that the introduction of electric shuttle bus services will help enhance Macau's transportation system, providing residents and tourists with a more eco-friendly and better quality living environment, as well as proactively promoting Macau as a world-class capital of green tourism.